It all began in Neverwinter

Having only a small group this week, the party needed all the help they could get to fight their way thru the run-down castle, meeting some goblins on the way as well as a Grick. Grick.jpg
The hobgoblins died quickly, and health was overall quite low by the last battle with Klarg, Snarl (his pet wolf) and Vyrileth, who turned out to be a doppleganger in the shape of a female drow.
They wanted to question Gundren the dwarf before killing him. Once entering the room, Brundel points at the drow and prolaims her to be the doppleganger.
Glasstaff.jpgGlasstaff soon makes it clear he knew all along about Vyrileth and explains that they work together for the Black Spider and it becomes clear he has switched sides when battle begins.
Glasstaff2.jpg Two of the 3 in the party go down, yet are able to stabilize as Deanzorb finishes off the enemies with little life left, saving Gundren and the entire party with his powerful magic.
It seems a short rest may be in order?short_rest.jpg
We leave the adventure here to continue next week. Will the party make a brief stopover in Phandalin in order for the party to accumulate a few adventure leads towards fame, riches, and glorious XP? Will they go straight for Wave Echo Cave? Or will escape from Cragmaw Castle be adventure enough to end these poor souls?


Jrezky Jrezky

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